Australia’s Natural Sleep Reporter Exposes The TRUTH And LIES In The Sleep Industry

Dear Sleep Sufferer,

Lack of sleep effects your heart, weight, diabetes, immune system, inflammation, accidents, depression, anxiety and stress, relationships, accuracy, memory function, there’s even a connection to cancer.

So you’re looking for the solution, right? And you want it now?

FAST RESULTS: Imagine if you could…
  • Fall asleep faster and be confident that you can do that habitually
  • Stay asleep during the night, and if you do wake, have some strategies to use to help you fall back to sleep again
  • Sleep deeper and more effectively
  • Survive the next day when you feel tired and exhausted (by implementing the solution the industry is “knocking”)!
  • Implement age-appropriate natural solutions to age-related problems

Here’s some of what is exposed in the Sleep Mojo eBook that you’re not hearing other places:

  • Why sleeping pills aren’t even a band-aid solution
  • The 10 insomnia types and how each of them has completely different solutions, none of them involving drugs
  • Over 50 food additives and colorings that effect all aspects of sleep from sleep apnea symptoms to increased anxiety, restlessness, snoring, screaming babies even bedwetting in children. Named and tabled.
  • Discover if it is your prescription medications that are causing your insomnia
  • The little known, simple lifestyle and environment changes that can change your sleep habits forever
  • Strategies to reduce the problems around jet-lag and shift-work
  • Natural sleep solutions appropriate to everyone and easy to implement
  • AND we cover depression, anxiety, stress
  • AND document in detail natural sleep solutions that DO WORK and when they are and aren’t appropriate.
Do You Want to Make Up Your Own Mind,
OR continue having the Industry Dictate to You?

I’ve condensed my 12 years of research and supplied over 150 live internet links to the original research documents, expert interviews and authority presentations and books.

The book took years to research and compile, it is my life’s work.

Here is exactly what’s included in the Sleep Mojo DIGITAL EBOOK:

  • 130+ jam-packed pages full of battle-tested strategies to overcome your sleep disorder
  • Age-related advice for better sleep from new born babies to mature age adults
  • The 10 sleep methodologies that cover a diverse range of techniques so you can choose one that suits you
  • Daily survival skills to overcome tiredness during the work day
  • Natural solutions versus drugs – What you need to know
  • Discover the different types of insomnia and why a one-size-fits-all cure doesn’t work
  • All this plus lots more included in your digital copy of ‘Sleep Mojo‘…


Over 130 pages including the information shared during Sleep With The Experts that was attended by doctors and health care professionals from all 5 continents.

Easy to read, no jargon, chapter summaries, even a few caustic cartoons!

Fast, Easy and Effective Solutions You Can Implement Today

Some of the information is contrary to “accepted wisdom”, are you prepared to listen?

Here’s what past sleep sufferers are saying about the training:

“I now use some of the resources and can verify their usefulness”
– Ann Richardson, Mt Eliza VIC

“A big chance to work through and get through my anxiety hang-ups”
– Terri, Vermont South VIC

“This book will empower you”
– Geraldine Gallagher, Mosman NSW

“I learned how to support my 5 year old son”
– Jane Gardiner, Gordon VIC

“Cutting edge, up-to-date research”
– Domenica Papalia, Sydney NSW

“Different opinions than the generally accepted ones”
– Nel Jans, Mt Gambier, SA

For the cost of about 10 minutes with your local doctor. And infinitely more useful.

Download the book, implement the solutions, if you don’t think it is incredibly valuable email elizabeth[at] and I will refund your money. You keep the book.

That’s more than fair, isn’t it?

So take action now to have a great night’s sleep, wake up refreshed in the morning knowing that you have slept deeply and effectively.

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Have a Great Night’s Sleep,


Elizabeth Shannon
Australia’s No. 1 Sleep Educator


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